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Currently, we are studying the book of Exodus during Wednesday night Bible Study.

The book of Exodus has been called “the Gospel of the Old Testament.” The Hebrew title for Exodus is the same as the first two words in the Hebrew text, These are the names.

Tradition introduced the Latin word Exodus,which means “a going out.” Exodus records God’s grace as well as His law. It tells the good news of how God miraculously delivered the descendants of Jacob from slavery in Egypt and set them on a journey to the Promised Land. It also reports how the people responded to this divine act as they received the Ten Commandments and were drawn into a covenant relationship with the God of their ancestors. It encapsulates the story of the historic event on which the very faith of Israel was based.

Exodus is a story of the agony and the ecstasy of a new nation being born, a nation destined to become God’s chosen people. Through them God’s grace and truth would be made known to the world. The entire Old Testament was eventually written and preserved in the light of this unique experience of God’s saving grace.
Exodus Outline:
The contents of Exodus fall into five divisions:


  1. we see the need for redemption—pictured by a people enslaved (ch1 to 6);

  2. we are shown the might of the Redeemer—displayed in the plagues onEgypt (ch 7 to 11);


  3. we behold the character of redemption—purchased byblood, emancipated by power (ch 12 to 18);


  4. we are taught the duty of theredeemed—obedience to the Lord (ch 19 to 24);


  5. we have revealed the provisions made for the failures of the redeemed—seen in the tabernacle and its services (ch 25 to 40).

Exodus 15:13 is the key verse, “Thou in Thy mercy hast led forth the people which Thou hast redeemed: Thou hast guided them in Thy strength unto Thy holy habitation.”



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